Legend Hunter Decks “Updated”

New Hunter Decklist_000000.pngMidrange Hunter Class Cards:

X1 – Bear Trap, Explosive Trap, Freezing Trap, Quick Shot.

X2 – Alleycat, Jeweled Macaw, Crackling Razormaw, Kindly Grandmother, Animal Companion, Eaglehorn Bow, Kill Command, Unleash the Hounds, Houndmaster, Savannah Highmane.

Neutral Cards:

X1 – Golakka Crawler, Dr. Boom.

X2 – Mad Scientist, Nesting Roc.

Secret Hunter Class Cards:

X1 – Cat Trick, Scavenging Hyena, Snake Trap, Houndmaster, Savannah Highmane.

X2 – Alleycat, Bear Trap, Crackling Razormaw, Freezing Trap, Kindly Grandmother, Quick Shot, Cloaked Huntress, Eaglehorn Bow, Kill Command, Rat pack.

Neutral Cards:

X1 – Loatheb.

X2 – Secretkeeper, Mad Scientist.

I Am Not the Author of the Decks.




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